Monday, August 8, 2011

Momma's trunky...

I haven't read over the emails yet but I did catch that mom's already counting down!! Hahaha that was fun to read. Kind of freaky at the same time because it's making me realize how long we've been out. I've had two companions finish out their missions with me (and lots and lots of mission friends go home), so I always hear about what their moms are like as the end comes up but it's never come from our mom!! Kind of crazy! 3 cycles goes by way too fast. Good thing Sam is in her prime. That means things will be going triple-time. Last cycle with Elder HXXX went by ridiculously fast. We were so dang busy. Our mission is going through a huge change right now. Almost all of the senior missionaries left last weekend, so now even though haven't hit my year mark I'm one of the oldest. There's just one more group of about 10 missionaries who are on their last cycle right now, and after that, the only people left will be a bunch of missionaries younger than me. We were in Samara for council this week and looking around the table, half of the zone leaders there were in a group that came out just 3 months ago. It's been actually a pretty huge adjustment for me and I'm still feeling a little overwhelmed trying to take the reigns, but everything will be good. One thing dad has always stressed is enjoying the ride and taking things as they come instead of crushing yourself with self-expectations that are too high. I've been a-crushin'. That's one thing I want to work on. We've been doing good work and seeing so many miracles, but I realized the other day that I'm not enjoying the moment enough. When I look back at all the areas I've served in, I get homesick for them. But in every single one of my areas that I've served in, I was always too ready to move on and didn't enjoy the work in the moment. So I'm going to stop writing a journal entry and then there will be something here good to read.

Momma! I got your cards with Russian. I understood what you were trying to get across, but there were a few sentences that were hard to decipher... Maybe next email you could send me the text in English, and then I could translate or something...? I loved the cards, though. that was a way good picture that I wouldn't mind a copy of myself. I was also excited to here that there was contact with Elder HXXX! Even though you yourself didn't get to see him. He didn't know what to do with himself because he didn't do anything to get ready for home at all. He was working right up until the last day, which was cool but apparently made everything crazy for the assistants. heh heh.

Anyhow, I don't know what happened to all the time! I've got to sign off already. I love you so much!! This week has been a little crazy and I haven't had time to even really read the letters I just got from you, but I'm really looking forward to it today. I miss you. Thank you for your support and prayers. I'll try and get a better letter off next week. LOVE YOU


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